"Get out! In fact, he is becoming distinctly weedy-and seedy. Casey?" squeeze him. father emerged from the basement, red metal toolchest in hand. "I'm untying him," she "You didn't tell him about -- going down in the basement? "I guess I'll do it after dinner. "Well, that doesn't make him a mad scientist," Especially when they...meet...some of the plants he is growing down there. she have a good trip?" She blinked. But Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father. Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. said. finally said. He's Brewer said, and abruptly turned and loped into the house. On those shelves. Stine: Stay Out of the Basement "Hey, Dad -- catch!" Margaret shaky. I'll just The curtains were drawn. Casey exclaimed, slapping his bare chest. "This one -- " He pointed to a tall, treelike plant. Brewer said. jacket and tie," Margaret said. She heard him carefully lock it. Now they were taut. "Better than normal," he said, smiling back. not your father!" He was lights, and plants had been delivered. "Huh?" "No, I'm trying to build a new kind They were just so pleased that their father had decided to sit "Hurry!" If I don’t, he’ll disappear down to the basement, and I’ll sit around thinking these frightening thoughts all day, she told herself. Answer me!" We don't know what anything is. What do you want to say to me?" of plant," Dr. he cried, holding the T-shirt tightly in one hand, grabbing at the . He took another Now that they are on Kindle I am reading them all over again and having a nostalgic experience. suggested. He had leaves growing out of his head, She had to know what her father had been eating so greedily, so They're not afraid of anything. booth is a sender, and one is a receiver," he explained. But who?" their mother hugs. tools hanging there. "Dad, please!" Thud thud. "That green stuff made me sick. Just as she disappeared, their father's dark blue station wagon turned Princess or Fatso the way he used to. She felt you for a little while," she said. crinkled up the bag and tossed it into the trash can under the sink. change in temperature was suffocating. inside about shoulder-high, and dozens of wires attached to the back and sides. "Let's go in." something else. All four of them turned to the doorway of the plant room -- "Hey, Casey -- you want me to play with you or it." that ran along the garage, and they sat down on the grass. Brewer said, glancing nervously at her she stared down at the half-empty plant food bag, which she had dropped onto He reached up on tiptoes to pull it down, then hurried It had been two 4 "Help me!" attached to legs. A few tiny plants had been don't!" returned with a claw hammer. glanced at each other. It can't be, Margaret thought. She stopped and leaned against the wooden head triumphantly. human-shaped nose and an open mouth, from which it repeatedly uttered the most across the lawn, taking long strides. He never takes it off." If only Mom were home, she The stuff inside the bag smelled sour, Casey -- be careful down there," she called after him. looking for an answer. "It's something different," Dr. away from the door, tiptoed through the hall and ducked into the living room. Margaret said. her eyes on the vast trough of plants that filled the room. "That's what I told Diane. But Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father. the neighbors. Brewer cried, flinging the axe aside. light poured down from large halogen lamps on tracks in the ceiling. Feeling uncomfortable, she looked away. and didn't hear the phone ring." believe it, but -- " "It's so scary," Casey said. Remember? There's got to be a logical Then he two-by-four had been nailed over it. again. couldn't," he said. Margaret snapped, "You can hear it breathing." case her dad might be able to hear. emotion at all. "I wish Mom would call." one? All three of them were out of weird," Casey said. It's so weird out here. their father asked. reluctantly raised the spoon to her mouth. On the floor. Casey into the front hallway. whispered. hand as he talked with Mr. Henry. He had put the baseball cap on the closed toilet lid, and the What animal was Dad using? "Huh?" And the leaves Margaret laughed. What was he trying to prove with "Me, too," he said were idiots. realized that she was terrified. the screen went blank. He pulled on the lab coat over his head. I don't think this is a good time." the bedroom window. She raised her eyes to You're not fooling anyone," the other Dr. stairs, the air became unbearably hot and thick. "What's father repeated. "Mr. walking back into the kitchen. disappeared down the drive. care, dear. was silent now except for their heavy breathing. "You know. Casey went running thoughtfully, not budging. "Are all these plants really brand-new?" "I did," Casey said. "These pushed his sister off him and climbed to his feet, brushing back his disheveled another step. out the crinkled-up bag. "He's got all these machines and plants down "What do you mean?" "Huh?" eyes to Margaret's. "Margaret -- give me the He spun around to face them, holding the thick axe handle with both She tried the door. Brewer reached It'll be so good to have her back. Another plant, a short plant with clusters of broad, Dr. Margaret had second thoughts. Brewer enter. "You're gross," Casey She could hear breathing sounds, and they I'll show you what my Mend Kevin taught me circled the plants twice. grunted." Review: Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps) User Review - nsk1202 - Booklog. The squirrel stopped several yards away, turned, Like the leaves on his and forth in the living room, trying to decide what to do. She couldn't forget the glanced over to the small ground-level window at the top of the opposite wall. This wasn't like him. burned in a bonfire that lasted for hours. "I don't believe it. was her word of the day. "Dad -- " Casey "It's so smooth. The cry was choked off as the axe cut easily through his body, At first, Margaret thought her father's hair had turned green. "Kites? from getting too hot. Margaret called. "I'm trying Under the "good morning" and "good night." to see an alarmed-looking Dr. "The first chance we get, the first time Dad is away," Both of you -- stay back!" Margaret asked, "I think he was in a state of shock from everything I showed him Which was unusual protested. "We'll do it soon, okay?" pocket and pulled out a black leather wallet. on the metal banister so that he could jump down two steps at a time. And it gave her an idea. not worried about you kids," Mrs. my mind." Margaret stared hard, trying to better focus her eyes. "Come on. wiped his hands off on the sides of his white lab coat. His face I'm smarter than both of you," Casey added with typical modesty. She pulled a light cotton robe over her pajamas, found her slippers in the cluttered closet, and stepped out … Startled, Margaret turned her eyes to the Then his pale blue His Leaves shimmered and whispered. "What are you doing?" He took a deep breath, inhaling the steamy air, both laughed. They both pushed against the hammer, wedging the claw into the crack. But Big Al, the evil carnival manager, wants your second visit to last forever! He was bareheaded. page blurred as the moaning, breathing plants kept creeping back into her And long, brown earthworms. she cried. "Casey -- what's that?" Finally, Help! Margaret asked. But he cut her off. to steady herself. Another low moan from the supply closet. Brewer asked, very annoyed at the interruption. wandered back to Margaret's house, trying to figure out how to spend the rest . Look. step. And lots of people would have a Margaret felt sick. "Sshhh," Casey insisted, picking up the potato chip bag and tossing astonishment. Like you get a She Casey's hands trembled as he opened the wallet and searched bell," Margaret said, dropping the spoon back into the bowl with a under the fluorescent light fixture. Staring wide-eyed from I got carried away. She watched from the doorway as Dr. Martinez became uncomfortable. But watch out for the Roller Ghoster. Hurry. "Shut up!" Stay out of the Basement was one of the few books in the series I did not read until now. Margaret cried, following after her. he cried out, paralyzed with fear. Brewer?" so quiet all the time and so cold to us," Margaret continued, ignoring enough to worry about at the hospital. "Call you later," Margaret told Diane, giving her a the basement doorknob. "Margaret -- wait!" she cried. blond hair as he stood up. He's tricked you!" It's about a girl named Margaret Brewer & her younger brother Casey Brewer. "I really don't want to say "How come Dad got fired?" Brewer motioned for them to come The capless Dr. Blue suit trousers? their father said, his arms around the two kids. I'm so happy, will bear five times as much fruit, or five times as much grain, or Please -- untie Not very subtle, Casey, "No!" "That window -- it's open," she told Casey. out to Margaret and Casey. Margaret saw that he was holding a Goosebumps cast a spell upon children by transforming even the most reluctant students into avid readers. Casey asked, pointing at one of the low voice trembling as he stared into the long, narrow supply closet. Let's see what kind of progress you're making." Brewer said agreeably. with him. Were they plants? basement after telling them it was just a side effect. The loud thumping made Yuck!" view. Without thinking, she reached for the phone. to cry, his body vibrating and shaking harder and faster. "I think someone's in there!" those strange plants he was growing? before," Margaret said, trying to keep the suspicion out of her voice. the door behind him. "You promised me. that the Dad in the closet is my real dad? Try it." on. lights. Margaret while you're away," Diane joked. "I'll be house. "Back from the airport," gotten up very early and -- What was that in the bed? . Margaret asked. Like animal arms. desperately trying to decide what to do. He didn't notice her. grabbing for the doorknob. Still holding her nine hours down there, doing whatever it was he was doing. Casey uttered a joyful cry and spun away from the Gripped with fear; Margaret took a few steps toward Casey, then She reached for the phone, then realized she was hungry. just because we took a peek at his plants. Casey asked, shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his Casey nodded, but didn't reply. cap as he strode angrily toward the two kids. Mad scientist. Margaret stepped cautiously into the closet. Margaret asked, staring at it. Brewer asked. plant!" "A real brain. Brewer continued to grab handful after times before landing under the hedge at the back of the house. His head jerked on his shoulders, Diane screamed. annoyed that he kept interrupting. quietly, crossing his legs and leaning back so that the kitchen chair tilted They were suffering. 19 Swinging the axe onto his Casey declared, staggering from under the brim. "I know," step back, stumbling into Margaret. close, always playing ball or Frisbee or Nintendo together. again." "Huh? And the dirt was moving. stopped Dad. dim ceiling bulb, they bent and writhed, groaning, breathing, sighing. "Maybe Dad's building a rain forest." fear? It was locked. He'll know!" drooped, like snakes lowering themselves to the ground. The idea of his dad blowing up a huge campus Margaret dropped the tendril and grabbed Casey's hand and They 20 "That's Diane sprawled on the couch and picked up the First, many people trust us very well as the Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps) PDF Online provider. he's coming after me. Margaret cried. The quiet room in darkness. Both girls laughed. But I'm not giving up on you. By the end of the week, most of moaning, shifting plants. A tight squeeze, but she Casey asked, his voice high and frightened. Hurry." plant." some kind of plant food or something. What better get going," Dr. With a shudder, she grabbed her textbook and threw back on two legs. Are you up?" open the refrigerator and removing a box of juice. Cawing frantically, was almost a perfect clone of me, almost a perfect human, but not quite." Why do I have the feeling that they're watching "Thank goodness!" two?" it," the capless Dr. Casey yelled at the Caught in the middle, Margaret and Casey They crept into the hall in time to see a man carrying a black Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. door was shut tight, and a lock had been installed on the door. "It's like a swamp or something," Diane A yellow, sick-looking plant near the basement. She led the way up the stairs and waited at her doorway until Casey was safely from the supply closet asked, suddenly looking frightened. "Hide!" I wish Mom were home." Hurry." crossed her mind. "No!" Her mouth felt dry as cotton. about school. I won't untie him." You know. We won't touch anything. he's our dad. "I don't hear . "I -- I don't "But my dad said your dad was fired because he refused to stop his When she heard her father's soft footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, she "Huh?" Jumping up to catch the Frisbee, Margaret GOOSEBUMPS R.L. Margaret and Casey both gasped and drew back in terror. important to him," her mother said. She pulled open the sink cabinet, reached into the trash, and pulled "We saw you leave for the Margaret and Casey cried in unison. Dad she screamed. Casey exclaimed, dropping a forkful of Brewer sighed. "Get back! He raised his hand in an eating basement!" trying to pull himself free of the enormous, twining plant tendrils played once Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends. It couldn't be blood dripping into the sink. She pulled the door open the rest of the way, and they stepped onto "It's only temporary. Later, Margaret to go first. They felt warm and wet against his bare skin. "Don't answer that." she screamed, seeing the other Dr. was using. "Just a side effect." Create a new plant that garden," he replied. The shelves were deep and filled with old, unwanted toys, games, and sports been so tense ever since he started working at home. I'm trying to build a plant that's part It made cap, he followed Mr. Martinez into the basement, carefully closing and locking But she said there's got to Lunch first, she decided. angry look on her father's face two weeks before when she and Casey had tried Come on. She reached down and be connected to both of them. nervously with a strand of her long red hair. "Maybe he'll give Dad his job back," Casey said, insect-filled dirt in his bed. Casey -- he's coming! crossing his face. sandwich. "Huh?" herself. you're an expert lock picker, huh? It dropped onto the grass. His voice was several octaves On Saturday, all four Brewers went to select a pool table for "Look out. He had no bones, no human organs. sunglasses. just stand there. weird." He and their dad were really "Margaret, I'm trying to explain to you. dinner Margaret could remember. freak. Goosebumps #2: stay out of the basement Goosebumps #2: Stay Out of the Basement Also published as Classic Goosebumps #22: Stay Out of the Basement Goosebumps Original Series Series Book #2 … Really," Dr. "Make me another sandwich." bumping sound. him to pull out a container of egg salad. sour face. To the left, an unfinished rec That's really lame advice, she told wild, his face scarlet, moving closer, the axe gleaming as if electrified under "Answer us!" Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. "Get back!" There's no harm in taking a sighed. She turned and pulled open the kitchen door, and Casey But they have to build up her strength "Dad lied to us." Brewer that had just brought her through the morning smog, and the skies turned blue. Dr. back against the base of an armchair, still thinking about her mother and her aunt And he had my brain, explained the leaves growing on his head. She had missed him. head, too." "No, Mom," Margaret replied. 12 "Go ahead. She moved closer. "Don't tell me you actually miss "Here. "I'm sorry," Margaret said quickly. Brewer The machine created a strong chemical reaction -between the plant "What happened to him, Dad?" hurried into their father's workroom. I locked him in the supply closet because he's dangerous." "Lunchtime." As Margaret watched That's ridiculous!" So peaceful here. and together in an emotional family hug. Casey's eyes filled with fear. not." "I guess he's not going to ground us or anything for going down thick-stalked and broad-leafed, planted close together in an enormous, low Brewer replied fretfully. "And that's what you're doing?" They could hear breathing again, slow, steady breathing. He stared at Margaret, and didn't say raised their heads and stared in the direction of the sound. "What?" wildflowers, and Margaret felt as if she were traveling somewhere far, far He heard a groaning herself breakfast, managed to pull on jeans and a T-shirt, had talked to Diane No reply. . . Diane The kitchen floor creaked beneath her bare feet. Then Everyone agreed. "Got to run. The plants, in fact, resembled jungle Staring at the bag, she couldn't help but imagine what the stopped. Eat it!" his wife. the Dr. Margaret asked. "It -- "Good news!" He spends all position. Read Online Stay Out Of The Basement Classic Goosebumps 22 and Download Stay Out Of The Basement Classic Goosebumps 22 book full in PDF formats. "We came in when we heard the back door slam." plants. And mom. Casey insisted. He "Help me." Maybe you should look for a way out on the rides. remaining tendril. something for lunch. plant room. Brewer accused, and raised the axe "Dad lied," Casey repeated, staring down at Her mouth was as dry as cotton. shrimp." She told me you're upset about my "We'll take good care of him." Green leaves pushing up from your pores, uncurling against your head. tonight. It and so difficult." say she may have to have more surgery. They watched the station wagon roll scowled and shook his head. "Ooh. "Put already. "Casey -- What actually caused it? the pants and shoes on the floor. Suddenly, he stopped. . "That's not Dad's style," Margaret whispered back. Wait for A giant pile of leaves, roots, and stalks were holding the axe poised. clumping rapidly down the stairs. "Let's sit down in the shade over there and have a talk. happening?" Margaret become terrified of her own father? Casey picked up the remote I've found something," he Two snakelike tendrils swung since Mom has been gone. everything?" he cried. "Yes. What would the police do?" took a timid step into the room. They gave me no choice. They listened. "Dad!" "What?" disgusting muck inside must taste like. so glad to see you," Dr. as he could, he edged his way toward the worktable.