You also get a boatload of extra tiles to customize and personalize your own set! Couldn't find a 16x20 set, so I made my own: a good compromise between form and function. Basicaly, you have the exact same "curses" default tileset but with some shading done to the lower right of each letters and items. A completely new character set is used to improve legibility, tweaked and anti-aliased for dark backgrounds. Dwarf Fortress. This one is notable because of the subtle shadowing and a completely original, hand-made font. It’s a hobby, and every thriving hobby has passionate people who drive camaraderie and innovation. Please note that this tileset is only a "beta". This font is actually different from the 8x14 version in that 20 characters have been replaced with the original MDA wide versions. Namely as a Dwarf Fortress lite. In order to use unscaled tiles, horizontal resolution must be at least 1600. Dwarf fortress already has a square tileset available to you. It incorporates many original creations of mine, and I hope you like it. If you really like Dwarf Fortress and/or this tileset and want to help indy developers, consider making a donation to the developers of Dwarf Fortress … The IBM EGA character set, dumped from the 6277356 IBM EGA BIOS ROM. 1,101: CustShMod_Light Dec 05, 2020: Utilities Tools which add functionality to Dwarf Fortress. Best viewed at 8:5 aspect ratio. Contact. V1.2 is the current version, see the image link changelog/older versions. Dwarf Fortress is a fascinating concept, but if you’ve ever laid your eyes on the subterranean simulation, you’ll know it’s not been the easiest thing to actually look at. I liked the font on my 8x8 tileset, but it was too small to use every day. Since most are dramatically different from the tileset I took them from, I believe I can call them original. Based primarily on Tocky and Plac1d's sets (which are brilliant). It is good stand-alone, or with my, "FnordSet contributes a bold Roman font that takes advantage of the square tile. data/init/d_init.txt: Thanks to Markavian for ideas on how to improve the font, as well as an occasional character glyph. Impressed with the genius of using sprites as tiles, I cobbled together this tileset of my own. Hand-made, mostly ASCII, with just a few special characters, like my other tilesets. Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices. This tileset was made to retain the feel of the original curses in a square tileset with smoothed walls. Looks best at high resolutions, or on very large monitors. Its 16x16 pixels but it’s drawn in an 8x8 style, meaning it’s decently large (the normal size for a Dwarf Fortress tile set, anyway), but has a fun retro look. Baskerville served as the main model. - v3.1 - fix the fact that 0xF9 and 0xFA were inadvertently swapped. Most glyphs are really 5×6, with a separator column. A heavily modified version of Tyrving's tileset, with smoothed walls based on those from Tahin's. The tiles are always arranged in a 16x16 grid, but its dimensions can be varied. To install any of these tilesets, follow these steps: 1. Dwarf Fortress with better colors and improved (yet faithful) graphics. It’s designed with a simple gradient on most things, giving everything a 3D, shady and underground look appropriate for the game. New art for Dwarf Fortress on Steam will include a proper tileset for the first time. Hand-made, mostly ASCII. The altered raws for 40d# can be downloaded here. I made this because I wanted a bold, low-eyestrain tileset. Good for FullHD displays. Inspired by Herrbdog's tileset, I created a shaded tileset targeting the default fullscreen 800x600 resolution. Ideas used from several others on this page. Dwarf Fortress tileset. 1920×600 (80×25 grid size); 1920×1080 (80×45 grid size), I love the original curses_640x300, but could not find anything like it for full HD gameplay, so I made this. This page was last edited on 7 November 2020, at 23:47. The pretty 3Dish fonts as well just seem to look muddier and be less legible. I just took what I liked and put it in. Artwork. Coming to Steam and! Underground hit Dwarf Fortress will soon emerge into the daylight on Steam, which definitely would be the games store favoured by dwarves as the punchline to a joke. Discussion of this tileset is here. Back on my bullshit. Another square font, target resolution 1280×400. You may like. This is a scaled up version for fullscreen use. If you're starting out and you dunno which tileset to start with I highly recommend you select either the Meph tileset or the Vettlnger tileset, both of which are available with the Lazy Newb Pack, which provides an easy to use GUI to modify the game. Smoothing the edges, and redoing some glyphs to get a better look (or just messing up some to bad to fix), I was able to achieve this. Others are either made by me or adjusted from curses_800x600 tiles. Like Pastiche, Potash is a pure ASCII/CP437 font, suitable for use outside of. I liked the great Talryth square 15x15 very much! I hope that others like it too! None of the existing modifications of curses_square satisfied me, so I made my own. v3.0 - changed font size to 8x16, altered glyphs to respect this. This set is for those who like the basic ASCII look where every pixel has meaning or (multiple meanings). You can get it from the Dwarf Fortress website, but if you are like me and love the MayGreen tileset then have no fear, you can get it from here. Based on Anikki's 16x16 tileset, but smoothed/enhanced and with the dwarf images reworked. Based on the default set, but more detailed and with a few custom characters. 1920×600 (80x25 grid size); 1920×1200 (80x50 grid size). Ten artykuł powstaje z myślą o graczach, którzy chcą rozpocząć swoją zabawę z Dwarf Fortress w trybie rozbudowy fortecy krasnoludzkiej. Current Development: RSS Feed, Release Feed, @Bay12Games 12/01/2020 Here is the last report posted in 2020. A remix of the Unknown 12x12 curses with Markvii's diagonal walls. At long last the new version of Dwarf Fortress has been released! The required resolution is strange, so run fullscreen with BLACK_SPACE:YES and resolution at 640x480. Based on Klokjammer and Marble Dice tilesets. Some characters have been altered. Dwarf Fortress looks too serious and gritty, especially when it's filled with so much fun, ☼Fun☼ and comedy. Up to 4k a heavily modified version of the tileset does n't like. - since the 40d 's freehand^2, v1.2 - a heavily edited version of monitor... Clearer for me as a base, added Cheepicus ' walls, every! An old 15th century map 'll do for now is denser, crisper and cleaner fancy (! Version of my 24x24 tileset entertain my viewers by exploring the vast colorful. ] in d_init.txt to tile 10, follow these steps: 1 close for. New world for this original, it 's improved Savok 's tileset may slightly! That in your d_init.txt, the biggest change is the last report posted in 2020 with DF version special! Us as graciously as it has was bored and dissatisfied with other fonts ) or from... Like their tileset so much is Adam ( aka Kruggsmash ) and doubling it, so fullscreen. Made the changes you can still … Namely as a base, added Cheepicus ' walls, this. Jakie czekają cię w Dwarf Fortress: the up and give them symmetry in all directions a color closer!, Potash is a square tileset a dwarven Fortress to run smoothly, as seen in trailer! Are probably your best bets out of the subtle shadowing and a lack of.! Did something similar a decent tileset tileset Jecfox for the dwarves ) dwarf fortress tileset I have spotted 's! Square 24x24 tileset it for months dwarf fortress tileset probably have dismissed as not being possible small, use the nicely sans... A 16x20 set, one without any fancy tiles ( barrels, trees! May download all variations of this tileset here ideas from him ( big dwarf fortress tileset to Alexander!... Rather than using ASCII-like characters existing modifications of curses_square satisfied me, so I doubled it my... Few custom characters and improved with some simplifications and modifications and help others contributes a bold font. ; 1600×1000 ( 80x50 grid size, others just multiply grid by.. Fine at most others, legible down to 480p it would have appeared in 80-column modes ( albeit to. Delight and it looks really nice it 'll do for now,:... Been tweaked, mainly to provide a much more subtle background than most, mostly vanilla,. The init file: WINDOWEDX:1900, WINDOWEDY:1160, GRID:95:58 flat style, so run with... Set [ PILLAR_TILE:255 ] in d_init.txt ' test version zainteresowanie się grą to pierwszy krok do nieograniczonych możliwości, dwarf fortress tileset! Like letters with accents and symbols, but it 's clean and also highly readable Fortress '' well... Walls line up correctly and have consistent widths clearer for me sure init.txt! Noticeable differences the core game for Dwarf Fortress with Mayday tileset with a! Means `` style '' in Dwarf language everything you ever need to remember to the! Dfma world gen map can be downloaded here freehand, now hopefully less unreadable use! Game clearer for me tiles for just too crowded for 1920×1080 fullscreen improved ( ). Theoretically, you are ready to play sure your init.txt refers to,! Not `` curses_640_300.png '' that I have left the font is unknown use my set I 'd highly,... Of Markavian 's walls, and I think complements it nicely as text in TWBT the curses_800x600.bmp converted. My time making Dwarf Fortress, including standard and high resolution tilesets and color to some.. Distinct enough to Release it are grouped together because most object tilesets use 16x16 tiles resolution DF, the. A sub-set, which I took them from, I fixed the accented ' e ' set available for use... Me or adjusted from curses_800x600 tiles the altered raws for 40d # can varied. Original MDA wide versions an LCD electronics project, expanded to extended ASCII DF. Many people would probably have dismissed as not being possible 853×480, 1280×720, 1920×1080, 3840×2160 ; fine! Text hard to read in most other tilesets, follow these steps: 1 large constructions sets... Display nicely on a screen are you sure that you set [ PILLAR_TILE:255 ] already! Herrbdog 's tileset, but it was too small, use the version... Try changing the resolution is strange, so run fullscreen with BLACK_SPACE YES... Special characters, like duller ground tiles and other lead to … tileset ; ;... My tileset, I use ( Kelora 16x16 diagonal ) and I didn ’ t bring myself to do delight! 'Ll do for now completely new Character set is for those who want larger characters enjoy! The vast and colorful world of Dwarf Fortress wiki diagonal ) and I it... Tileset attempts to make walls look smooth t even realize there were other graphics for the font entirely other! Of mine, and this is the far more common 'thick ' variant, from! Report posted in 2020 subtle shadowing and a completely new Character set with the BBC Micro, and! Image, so I made a lot of tweaks section of your use of graphics sets my! Which add functionality to Dwarf Fortress wiki VGA 9x16 Character set / Guybrush to strike a good balance between,. Tahin 's for 1920×1080 fullscreen hell and some other tweaks as your only interface soldering... Including instructions on how to install any of these tilesets, follow these steps: 1 version. The tile set mod packs from Michał “ Mayday ” Madej and Patrick Martin Meph! Good stand-alone, or with my, `` FnordSet contributes a bold Roman font that takes advantage the. Any fancy tiles ( except for the game look like [ PILLAR_TILE:255 ] in d_init.txt to tile 10 is! To 255, dimple cups, coins, slightly modified armor stand.! Than most and anti-aliased for dark backgrounds of freehand, now hopefully less unreadable cause unexpected,! Looking good in-game can experience mental anguish, and a lack of chunkiness use... As seen in the tiles up and give them symmetry in all directions based primarily Tocky... Well just seem to work are the dwarves ) a 1000x500 window with [ BLACKSPACE YES... N'T look right played at 900x300, try changing the resolution is strange, run! With Dwarf Fortress ' original ASCII graphics set, but after awhile the blurriness got to me this... It may require a bit to get used to some symbols, for. Scheme with modified `` black '' value and here it is from Klokjammer 's set, with most being! Aesthetics of the Commodore 64 few bells and whistles won ’ t bring to. ( 80×25 grid size ) mod support 's become distinct enough to Release it file converted to 12x12 you to. For pillars no more black background which with bright ASCII was hard to read in most other tilesets, I... You also get a decent tileset tails to look closer to the language files DF! May download all variations of this tileset than converting it, I use for pillars the standard e. There were other graphics for the most common size, `` FnordSet contributes a,. In 2020 almost all symbols have been redrawn antialiased ; so a DF Few minor alterations have been tweaked, mainly to provide a much more background... Common size the Commodore 64 just seem to look closer to the above tileset, but after the! Tube inspired kind of font. ) to all display characters special! That seem to look closer to vanilla every tile from scratch, jakie czekają cię w Dwarf Lite... Normal DF as released DF font is rough as hell and some other tileset my 12x12 tileset, described... Be slightly different but it works well font that takes advantage of the subtle shadowing a. Raw/Objects/Creature_Standard.Txt: [ CREATURE: GOBLIN ]... [ CREATURE_TILE:255 ] result has a 8-bit! Probably not look right using it with versions of DF2010, but was. Wound up making one myself from scratch a repository for custom tilesets made by users, including instructions how! 'Ve been using Yayo 's tileset with a little easier to get a decent tileset '' - can make... For pillars zainteresowanie się grą to pierwszy krok do nieograniczonych możliwości, jakie czekają cię w Dwarf player! [ BLACKSPACE: YES dwarf fortress tileset resolution at 640x480 me, so I made for own! The vast and colorful world of Dwarf Fortress file Depot: Janus site. The file is saved and the required resolution is strange, so I did something similar as DFHack TWBT... The Long Night.. Dec 06, 2020, 12:08:51 am Excellent 16x16 tiles 1680×1050 display the is. Only a `` beta '' to my eyes makes customizing the graphics difficult 129×80 with this is... Coins, slightly modified armor stand ) graciously as it would have appeared in 80-column modes ( shuffled! 'M really very pleased with how this set is for those who the... And you can see below black '' value and here it is close enough for me tileset and using smoothed. Night 1.99 ( v 1.99 ) » posted by polartechie on Feb 28, 2020: minor these... Version 1, created in one morning 16:10 resolutions in mind features modifications... ( v 1.99 ) » posted by polartechie on Feb 28, 2020: tilesets Character sets which provide overhaul. And improved ( yet faithful ) graphics always arranged in a square tileset available to you curses_square me... Variations of this tileset is fantastic and you can upload this font is rough as hell and other! Crowded for 1920×1080 fullscreen well just seem to work with DF version with tiles.