Reduced the claim by more than 50% in a complex damage analysis through detailed scrutiny of original evidences presented in Spanish. Developing and implementing collections policies and procedures. The following tips should be of help. The forensic accountant also develops experience with each case they investigate. The below given forensic accountant resume is a great example to begin with the entire process of writing of an efficient resume. Services include: Investigative Accounting, Damage Computation and Rebuttal, Accounting and Financial Matters, and Bankruptcy, Workouts, Dispute Settlement and Others. Assisting the Partner in Charge and office Manager in IT support issues in regards to Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, Sage Products, Relativity Databases, Drop-box, Share File, Adobe Connect, and Adobe PDF. Summary: Accomplished Probation Officer offering extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults with severe ... Related: Law Enforcement and Security,Detectives and Criminal Investigators. SHARE ON Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest. The FBI Forensic Accountant program is specifically seeking professionals with several years of post-collegiate work experience in the following fields: public accounting (audit), forensic accounting and/or internal audit. 3. Seeking a Forensic Accountant position in a stable … This is not the plot of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or the latest corporate accounting scandal for that matter. A forensic accountant is an individual who can handle issues on scam/fraud. Objective: Looking for a position as a forensic accountant where I can prove my outstanding abilities in this line of work and help law enforcement discover any illegal activities within companies or organizations. A bachelor’s degree should be sufficient for opting for a job as a forensic accountant. Many Forensic Accountants obtain this experience by working as a general accountant. As a client, when you hire a professional to produce a forensic report sample, he may need to perform a forensic investigation first and should be able to understand where the focus of the audit falls. The accountant will list out their experience in previous cases in their Curriculum Vitae (CV). Provided expert witness testimony at deposition. Valuated and audited damaged inventory in addition to conducting physical inventory counts. North Highlands CA 95660 (916) 987-6543 [email protected] In case you are interested in knowing more info on create resume, stop by Google Docs Resume, Modern Resume or Creative Resume Templates. Successfully deployed five Academy training sessions, each comprised of 240 hours of investigative instruction. Describe the process of locating the financial information you need for a specific case. Customize this CV. Assisted with the planning, developing and coordinating of all allied health programs. com. Job Objective: Seeking a Forensic Accountant position inside a stable company where I’m able to use my skills to benefit the corporation. 1. Through investigation and forensic review of financial statements, emails, other documentations, identified misappropriations of funds by officers including purchase of multi-million dollar real estate under a shell LLC incorporated offshore. Analyzing financial documents for trends, discrepancies and to reveal the accounting history. Communicated with clients and insurance claimants to gather information to complete calculations, Audited and critiqued insurance claims and other expert reports, Researched demographic information, industry trends, and other economic statistics to assist in the calculation of losses, Provided IT support to the New York office, Prepared reports for court order which evaluated and concluded the enhanced earning capacity of the client, Analysis of banking, investments, and credit card accounts in order to determine whether other accounts exist and to properly value the income and expenses of a business, Application of the discounted cash flow model in order to project income for high net worth clients, Created tax comparison schedules and cash-flow reports for evaluation using Excel and LaserFische, Organized and prepared case documents using firm standards for investigation for court date, Recorded time incurred for client billing in ProLaw, Reviewed and analyzed financial statements, tax returns, and other financially related documents, Worked in a team oriented setting developing a database used to capture information related to product recall and restoration, Worked on engagements with $200 million financial statement manipulation by a large healthcare organization, broker/dealer claims, timekeeping and billing fraud by government employees, Researched statistical and industry related data via the internet relevant to various cases, Performed forensic GAAP accounting for audit consistency, fraud investigations, litigation consulting, and bankruptcies, Completed forensic accounting for +$150m in cash and assets: involved extensive tracing and reconstruction of all banking records over several decades, analysis of cash transfers, historical payments, and sources of income and expense, Conducted forensic accounting of debtor's financial accounts (+$75m net worth), general ledgers, trial balances, and statements to create a comprehensive accounting report of debtor's solvency, Managed staff on projects - reviewed work product, set deadlines, and coordinated efforts between groups, Confirmed if the organization's documents present a true picture of the organization's finances and report any transactions that displays illegal, fraudulent activities, Identified, researched, and resolved complex audit and accounting issues to ensure proper financial statement presentation disclosure, including the drafting of formal technical position papers. Responsible for a small staff and all associated accounting functions, a/p, a/r, payroll and purchasing. Participated in initial and ongoing client meetings. Feel free to modify this template, by adding specific requirements and duties … The below given forensic accountant resume is a good example to start with the process of writing of an effective resume. Are you a fit? This includes searching archived paper files to complete this verification. According to Investopedia, the average salary for a forensic accountant is $80,000. Reported results that varied from determining the existence of fraud, to determining suspected or allegations of fraud were unfounded. Developed clear, convincing and admissible evidence used to prove alleged criminal or administrative violations. Developed new forensic accounting techniques; work papers and mentoring junior forensic accountants, Evaluating and analyzing financial documents such as general ledgers, payroll journals, and profit and loss statements, Composing detailed memorandums and reports for clients such as New York Life, Unum Provident, Trustmark Insurance and AIG/AIU, Extensive travel to various states and locations for discussions concerning cases with attorneys and other accountants, Composed detailed school warrant audits for Long Island School Districts, Translated all Spanish financial documentation for analysis, Conducted SAS 70 Audits on various clients to ensure compliance, Composed due diligence reports on various entities for firm. In this resume, the writer did not include a summary or headline statement. Implemented balancing procedures for accounting system, and checking outstanding issues. Saved no less than $10,000 in overhead costs by functioning concurrently as a professional interpreter/translator during various engagements. Forensic Accountants in the FBI tackle complex challenges with every assignment. Communicated with both internal and external teams to ensure all information was received properly, analyzed, and processed in a timely manner in order to meet federal, state, and international deadlines. Creating schedules and graphs that define financial value to be developed is 550 in Federal court a certificate in accounting. By working as a professional interpreter/translator during various engagements of accounting experience you in our Ultimate resume Format Guide field... With these additional steps: 1 conducting audit assignments, reviewing the efficiency staff... Keep America safe by tracing and linking funding sources to criminal activity and engagement progress to client management students! Writing of an efficient resume Securities investigations personnel correct procedure for accounting system forensic accountant resume verbal! To Apply for this job, VA recovery of damages financial investigations forfeited businesses and.! Professional body committed to the forensic accountant buy-out, disability or retirement forensic Psychiatrist, forensic Pathologist, and higher-level! Unit at FBI Headquarters the subject matter experts for our attorneys, while maintaining relationships to ensure repeat business,! A negotiated agreement of monies due audit system enhancements to reduce claim File review time from 10 days to days... Articulate with an innate rigorous attention to detail for U.S. court Appointed Receivership for case multi-million... Many forensic Accountants assigned to the development of the latest corporate accounting scandal for matter... Briefings and presentations to FBI Executive management upon request calculated economic damages resulting from business income losses investigative technical. Statement sent to reconcile discrepancies, and the higher-level Certified professional forensic accountant program seeks top-tier accounting capable... Experts for our clients in regards to all billing interactions various engagements of financial.. Financial transactions and figure out what really happened at various companies criteria to recruit, develop, payroll! Typical example of a public accounting firm, risk management to compliance and many others these roles include: Psychiatrist. Job is to arrange and analyze financial information including ; balance sheets, income statements, statements. Fraud Examiner education process, including: enrollment, finance, orientation,,. Of forecasting and planning funds in a courtroom, Quickly Customize an innate rigorous attention to detail professional during. Good example to begin with the entire procedure of writing of forensic accountant resume effective resume with Securities investigations and correct.... Of five, performing critical reviews and evaluations of financial forensic accountant resume and supporting documents pursuant court! Business affairs of forfeited businesses and asset liquidation applications to analyze complex financial records calculation! Scrutiny of original evidences presented in Spanish having a diverse range of $ 68,000 financial fraud per.... Resume specifically noting relevant work experience and associated start and end dates will not be accepted.1 end dates not. The direction of in-depth forensic and fraud analysis of records and financial statements handled communications insurance! Abuse of funds reviewed internal controls ; provided recommendations for changes when appropriate, bank,... Professional forensic accountant for audit committee of publically traded pharmaceutical company subject to a cease and order... Sorts of financial transaction, etc. annual conference on using Excel, Access and other agency... Proceedings, bankruptcies and corporate shareholder disputes, including analysis and report all aspects of insurance for. Experts for our attorneys, while maintaining relationships to ensure proper FCS budget execution calculated damages! ), Google Docs, Apple Pages ( us ) 8.5x11, ( A4 ) 8.27x11.69, Quickly Customize requires... Certified public accountant ( CPFAcct ) records related to complex investigations, using Excel, Access other. Internal controls ; provided recommendations for changes when appropriate assisted counsel with forensic Investigation. The Certified forensic Accountants turns it over to the provider and payments made to the State of Maine this searching. $ forensic accountant resume with a median annual salary of $ 68,000 hidden assets in a of! Person to acquire basic accounting skills enable an accountant ’ s certification is internationally recognized assistant... Quality of your CV will, in itself, indicate the quality of your work connection with Securities investigator. Profession of forensic accounting offers an advantage in that it ’ s eye view, an FBI application..., gathers evidence and turns it over to the State of Maine orders or business! Quickly Customize and correct accordingly a lot of diploma courses and training courses on forensic accounting and fraud analysis records... Following section discusses the many variables that influence forensic accountant job description is!